About Us

Thank you very much for visiting www.ihatebeingbored.us, food and cooking website.

Our main purpose when starting this website is to share our recipes collection to the world. However, in the future we will also cover topics around food and cooking in general, kitchen, or even home and family related topics, maybe? We will see about that.

What we want to say is, we are not limiting ourselves here on what this website will be about. And really, there is no reason for limiting the topics we are going to cover here, right?

This website has several contributors (writers) and we don’t have a plan to limit how many contributors we will have. With that in mind, please understand if there are many ‘personalities’ on our articles. This is because our contributors prefer to use their own style in writing their articles.

So, through out this website, you will probably see a strict vegan personality while at the next article you will find a meat lover person. And we expect to have more things like this when we really expand the topics of this website.

If you want to contact us for any kind of inquiries, please use contact form available on our Contact page. Maybe you want to be a contributor? Or probably have a question or two? Just leave us a message.

Once again, thank you very much for visiting this website. We really hope you find this website useful for you.