Cuisinart Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee making cannot get any more sophisticated than this. The new product that combines the great qualities of Cuisinart products with the advanced technology of Keurig. These 2 companies have collaborated to make a single cup coffee maker that can produce a hot or a cold beverage in less than 60 seconds.

cuisinart single cup coffee maker

To my knowledge, this product has been on the market for less than one year but has already generated enthusiasm. It is great for people who use a single-serve method for their morning cup and enjoy drinking fresh brewed coffee. What makes it really unique is its cold drinks feature that can eliminate the need for other kitchen appliances. Especially in the hot summer days.

Types of beverages

Hot Coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, cold coffee, and cold tea

cuisinart coffee makerLots of people are used to single-serve brewing system. But not everybody has experienced making a coffee with a one-cup machine. This coffeemaker is packed with high technology and promise to deliver a great coffee. Is works with small amounts of coffee. Specially packed in capsules, disks or pods, according to the brand. Called K-cups, T-discs or coffee pods. These small packages of coffee are premeasured for the size of the cup desired.

The Cuisinart Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer takes K-cups. This small capsule can be bought almost everywhere. In grocery stores or online through the manufacturer’s website or other affiliates.

This coffee maker has a special filter-basket, called My K-cup, that can be filled with the coffee of our choice.

Also, the Cuisinart Keurig can make tea or cocoa or even soup and iced beverages like iced tea and iced coffee through cold brewing.


  • 5 cup sizes – choose 4, 6 8 and 10 oz coffee cup
  • Removable tray – makes it easy to clean
  • 80 oz water tank – oversizes reservoir for making coffee for all your guests
  • BPA free – all parts that come in contact with water are BPA free
  • Adjustable temperature – its maximum pre-set temperature is 192°F and cam be downsized up to 187°
  • Fully programmable – the machine can be programmed to turn on every morning, stay on stand-by or turn off at a chosen time
  • My k-cup reusable filter – this feature gives the user the possibility to use he’s own gourmet coffee
  • Charcoal water filter – removes chlorine and impurities from the tap water for a better-tasting coffee
  • Auto rinse after each brewing for a good maintenance.

What is BPA

BPA is an industrial chemical utilized in plastic products. The U.S. FDA and other regulatory agencies from around the world say that the use of BPA is not harmful to people. However, there are some concerns that this chemical affects the brain and prostate gland in fetuses, infants and young children.

How to use it

It is recommended to rinse your Cuisinart Keurig single-cup brewer before using it for the first time.

Just follow the instructions listed in the user’s manual: place a cup on the tray, lift the handle and open the brewing section making sure it’s empty then close it, press the rinse button. The machine will dispense 4 oz of hot water. The display unit will show the rinse cycle for a minute before going away.

Always make sure you select the right size cup you want to brew. Also, have patience with this machine otherwise it may get confused if to many options are selected and may need to be reset (from the turn on/off button).

To brew your own coffee you have to use My K-cup filter which has its own storage place located on the right side of the brewer. Again, it has to be rinsed and dried before first use. Then the filter is placed in the cup holder and filled with coffee of your choice, making sure the grounds remain below the top of the mesh and the rim is clean. The holder then goes into the brewing chamber.

Pros and Cons

Most people that both this single-cup coffeemaker say that it makes a very good coffee. Other qualities they listed are: easy to use, easy to clean through the rinse option, BPA free, quiet brewing, multiple size choices, large reservoir, the iced beverages feature. Some of them also praised the look of Cuisinart Keurig with its contemporary style and color.

Few people were dissatisfied with the quality of brewed coffee, saying that it is not as strong as they expected even if they choose a small size cup, which basically means that it takes less water for the same amount of coffee. The main problem that seems to raise concerns was the pump unit. Several customers have complained that their machine has failed due to a malfunction of the pump. The good news is that Cuisinart Keurig comes with a 3 years warranty. So far, the good has outstanding the bad in customers satisfaction.

The Cuisinart Keurig Single Cup Coffee brewer can be bought online through multiple retailers or direct from Cuisinart or Green Mountain Coffee website. Some online stores are offering significant discounts along with free shipping. It can be also found in some stores, also not all of them will have it due to its higher than average price.

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