DCS BBQ Grills

The Best Grill On Market

One of the top BBQ grills on the market today is manufactured by a company called Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS). This company was started out in 1989 by a select group of appliance engineers and designers that were considered to be the top talent in the industry. Before they introduced their DCS grills to the market, they were already making a name for themselves with the highly-rated drop-in cooktops that they manufactured. In addition, they created and designed high-performance convection ovens, griddles, broilers and ranges for the foodservice industry.

dcs bbq grill

In addition to their outdoor barbeque grills, they also created outdoor gas heaters. With a hope of allowing people the freedom and the opportunity to enjoy that grilling experience all year round. However, a company by the name of Fisher and Paykel appliances purchased DCS in 2004.

Stainless Material

stainless dcs bbq grillsWhen it comes to construction, each DCS grills are made with sturdy 304-gauge stainless steel, which makes it one of the finest made on the market. With the grill being constructed with stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about the unit rusting. In fact, they’re built to withstand all types of weather as well as the ravages of time. Which is great for those of us that don’t mind grilling in any weather.

With these grills, flare-ups are a thing of the past. Thanks to their built-in grate channels, which reroutes grease away from the flames. The grates of a DCS grill has two sides. The smoother side is for vegetables and fish. And the courser side is for creating sear lines when you’re cooking up sumptuous stake as well as other meats.

Various Sizes

36-inch dcs bbq grillStarting up your DCS grill will never be a problem thanks to their 9-volt battery-powered ignition system. DCS grills come with burners that outputs 25,000 BTUs and the infrared adds another 14,000 BTU output. You can purchase a DCS grill in 30, 36 and 48-inch models. You also have the option to purchase each of these grills as a standalone or drop-in unit. Whichever one you choose, you’re going to have the ability to cook up to 50 pounds of meat.

If you’d like to get a smaller grill from DCS, you’re in luck. Their smallest unit is only about 30 inches, but it’s packed with a lot of great features. It is a powerful grill with an outward design. When you look under the hood, you’ll find that it’s equipped with a grill light. As well as a radiant heating system that is designed to distribute heat quickly and evenly.

Gas Fuel

natural gas dcs grillsDepending on which DCS grill you get, you may have the option of utilizing natural gas or LPG fuel types, which allows for more versatility. With a DCS grill, you’re also going to get designer metal knobs as well as an optional cart. In addition, you’ll have the freedom to add rotisseries to any of their grilling systems that supply you with well-regulated searing heat. You can also add accessories to the grill if you would like. Such as an electric warming drawer that’s used to keep the food you already cooked nice and warm before it’s ready to be eaten; miscellaneous grilling tools as well as carts.

Thanks to the acquisition of Dynamic Cooking Systems by Fisher and Paykel, their now available worldwide. Some of the places that you can find a DCS grill include Ferguson, Home Depot, Sears and many other appliance stores.

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