Double Oven Range

Why You Should Own a Double Oven Range

My wife and I have owned a double oven range for approximately 10 years now. And we really cannot remember how we actually were able to live without a double oven.

If the kitchen is a space in your home in which you enjoy hanging out and preparing meals, you should seriously consider the huge benefits afforded by a passionate home chef by owning a double oven range.

double oven range

Double oven ranges can make a huge difference in your efficiency in the kitchen. Contemporary double ovens have revolutionized cooking in the home. And there are many reasons that you should own one. And reap the benefits of this life-changing kitchen appliance.

Double Ovens are Affordable

In years past you would only find a double oven in a high-end kitchen where money was no object. Also, a double oven meant that you physically needed space for two ovens in the kitchen. With advancements in technology and price competition between manufacturers, costs have come down to where the price point for a double oven is within range for the ordinary consumer.

It is Space Conscious

maytag gemini double ovenYou certainly don’t need to have a spacious kitchen to incorporate a double oven range since there are models that are the exact same size as a single oven. We have a small l-shaped kitchen and the model that worked perfectly for the size and configuration of our kitchen was a Maytag Gemini double oven. This model provided us with everything we needed in an oven and more.

It is a double oven electric range which is what we needed. And, for us, it was the best double oven in the marketplace in our price range. You can also buy the same model in a double oven gas range. A Maytag electric double oven was a wise choice for us due to its reliable brand name. And it has continued to serve us well for many years of use.

It Can Include a Toasting Option

double oven range with toasterDo you have a separate toaster oven on your kitchen countertop? Toaster ovens evolved from toasters but the only problem with a toaster oven is that they take up a lot more real estate. This is due to the fact that they do a lot more than toast a piece of bread, English muffin, or bagel. What I love about our Maytag double oven range is that there is a setting for Toasting in the top oven so if you need to toast a piece of bread, a Panini, or a leftover piece of pizza, you can do it right in the double oven range.

This is an added benefit for a small kitchen since you can give away or toss out that large footprint toaster oven and clear out some countertop real estate. Maybe you can convert the area that was devoted to your toaster oven on your countertop to a brand new contemporary coffee station.

Perfect for Parties and Entertaining

If you enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, you will love the versatility of owning a double oven. You can be baking your main meal in one oven while you are heating up appetizers such as nachos or salmon cakes in the other oven. We love to entertain and having the ability to cook various dishes at different temperatures simultaneously is a dramatic upgrade to the cooking experience!

Double Oven Range is a Time Saver

We all consider our time to be a precious commodity. If we can maximize or optimize our time, this can enhance our lives considerably. Having the ability to cook multiple dishes simultaneously will allow you to become much more efficient with your time. Instead of having to cook meals earlier in the day and reheat them later, you are afforded the luxury of cooking multiple dishes right before you serve them. You can then use the time you save for other activities.

Transform Your Cooking Experience

There are certain kitchen appliances and furniture accessories that can make a huge difference in your kitchen. A standing mixer is one of those appliances that will make your job in the kitchen a whole lot easier. A dishwasher is another appliance that will enhance your cooking experience. A kitchen island with seating is a versatile addition to any kitchen. And if you love to cook, a double oven is transforming since it will open up possibilities for you when it comes to preparing and cooking your meals.

A double oven range is one appliance that will change the way that you work in the kitchen. Double oven ranges save you time, create more counter space, enhance your social gatherings, and ultimately transform your cooking experience. Invest in an affordable double oven range and, like us, you will never regret that wise investment!

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