Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Upgrading your kitchen can take many different forms. You could decide to undertake a complete remodeling job which includes knocking down walls and expanding your kitchen. You could consider various kitchen island ideas, replace your appliances, and buy brand new kitchen cabinets rather than opting for kitchen cabinet refacing. But, instead of breaking the bank, there are upgrades that can make a drastic change to your kitchen and at a reasonable cost. One of those upgrades is to change your kitchen backsplash. Various kitchen backsplash ideas and kitchen backsplash options are abundant in the marketplace if you do your research.

kitchen backsplash

Backsplashes for kitchens can be found in the form of a subway tile backsplash, mosaic tile backsplash, glass tile backsplash, tin backsplash, copper backsplash, stainless steel backsplash, natural stone backsplash, brick, textured paint, and wallpaper.

It all depends on your existing kitchen decor and, of course, your pocketbook. Kitchen design ideas, such as changing your backsplash, can either be completed at a reasonable cost or at a high cost. If you are a weekend warrior and enjoy DIY, your costs could be low. If you hire a contractor, it could be a very costly project. The backsplash options you choose, and who performs the installation, will tell the story as far as how much you have to outlay for what can be one of the most striking upgrades you can make to your kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Texture and Paint

One of the least expensive options for a kitchen backsplash is to add some texture and paint it a different color. One important piece of advice when you are painting in the kitchen is to always use washable paint, especially near an oven and cooktop. The work can either be done by you or you could hire a professional contractor. You can use many different materials for texturing before you paint.

All-Purpose Drywall Mud

This is also known as joint compound and is commonly used to cover nail or screw holes and it is used at the seams between sheets of drywall. It can be purchased as a powder and you can add water to create a paste or you can buy the pre-mixed paste. It is inexpensive and easy to apply and manipulate. Even though it is soft, using it in a kitchen backsplash area is a good place for it because you typically won’t bump up against it because it could dent easily.

It shrinks when it is dry in about 24 hours. And if you don’t like the way it looks you can just scrape it off. Another option is setting-type drywall mud which sets between 5 minutes and 3 hours. One word of caution is that when this type of drywall mud sets it dries so hard that it is difficult to scrape off. Where the all-purpose mud shrinks as it hardens the setting-type mud shrinks much less as it hardens. This should be taken into consideration ahead of time.

Venetian Plaster

This textured material is made up of marble dust and aged lime putty. It is a lot stronger than drywall mud. So it is better for areas that could see a lot of abuse. Where you would tend to paint over the drywall mud you would tend to tint the Venetian plaster. You can mix it with artist’s acrylics or paint that is water-based.


Today’s versions have an acrylic base, gesso is a liquid material that you apply layered which creates the textured look. You will find this product at arts and crafts stores and it is not always found at paint stores. You can simply paint over this product after it dries.

Faux Texture Paste

This is another option for adding some texture to your wall. This product tends to be formulated to be porous which allows it to be an excellent complement to using glazes.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Due to the fact that a kitchen backsplash takes up a small amount of real estate, you could splurge a little because the material costs Mosaic Tile Backsplashshould be fairly small. The kitchen tile backsplash is a popular choice. Some options are mosaic tile backsplash, subway tile backsplash, and glass tile backsplash.

Mosaic Tiles

mosaic tile kitchen backsplashIf you choose to go with a mosaic tile, the kitchen design ideas could be endless. Kitchen backsplash designs can also be created by a homeowner. You could create your own design by breaking various colored tiles. And placing them in a mosaic design on your backsplash. Some mosaic tiles are sold as murals with a picture of anything from a vase full of flowers to grape vines. You can find various ideas for kitchen backsplash tile designs at a local kitchen store, tile store, or by doing research online.

Subway Tiles

A very popular backsplash design in recent years has been the subway tile. Choosing to install a subway tile backsplash throughout your kitchen, along the entire wall, will add a sense of continuity to your kitchen.

Glass Tiles

A shimmering glass tile backsplash is the choice of many to complement their kitchen decor. Once again, as with mosaic tiles, the styles, colors, and choices available to the homeowner who chooses to use glass tiles are limitless.

Metal Backsplash

metal kitchen backsplashWith the advent of specialization in the kitchen, metal has emerged as another option for the homeowner as far as kitchen backsplash ideas Metal Backsplashare concerned. Some of the metal options for a kitchen backsplash are copper backsplash, stainless steel backsplash, and tin backsplash. If you are into retro-style decor or already have a kitchen flanked with stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel backsplash may be a great choice for you. Tin backsplash, as well as tin ceilings, have been wildly popular in recent years. As they come in easy-to-install tiles or panels. The installation is quick, easy, and the cost is very reasonable. Copper backsplash is another metal option for your kitchen. One advantage of installing copper in your kitchen is that copper has natural antibacterial properties.

Stone Backsplash Ideas

stone kitchen backsplashNatural stone backsplash such as granite is not only an option for a countertop. But you can also extend it to include your kitchen backsplash. Slate and marble are other options for your backsplash, with slate being the more reasonable option. Another option is engineered stone which is resistant to fractures and scratches. That is especially important in the kitchen backsplash area. This area, especially near your stove, is a high-activity area. That could result in damage to a non-resistant backsplash such as paint or wallpaper. Any type of stone backsplash, unless you are a highly trained DIYer, should also be installed by a professional. It will obviously add to the cost.

Other Backsplash Options

Cork is another option for a kitchen backsplash. Not only is it a natural product, but it will also allow you to hang family pictures, mementos, calendars, or important messages that need your attention. A mirrored backsplash is perfect for a smaller kitchen. As it will lend a visual effect of a much larger kitchen space.

Kitchen backsplash ideas are numerous in this age of specialization when it comes to all things kitchen. Backsplashes for kitchens run the gamut from a mosaic tile backsplash to a metal backsplash. It would make a lot of sense to do your homework on what kitchen backsplash options are best for you, your kitchen decor, and your wallet. If you are daring and enjoy do-it-yourself projects, a new kitchen backsplash can not only be a reasonably-priced project but also a very satisfying one. One this is for sure. Making a change to your kitchen backsplash will have a dramatic effect on not only how your kitchen looks. But how you feel when you are in the most popular room of the house.

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