Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Who is the most qualified in cleaning houses? Who can give you the best, cheapest and wisest kitchen cleaning tips?

Need you ask?! Cleaning maids, of course!

kitchen cleaning tipsFrom floor to ceiling, this article will give you some of the best cleaning tips for your kitchen without the use of expensive cleaners.

That is not to say that purchasing cleaning materials is not effective, but these tips are a great way to use everyday items for your kitchen cleaning needs.

All the advice given here has been disclosed to me from qualified cleaning maids.

Read on for ideas when you are cleaned out with naught!

Solution For Cleaning The Kitchen

Cleaning maids have given me an incredible tip on cleaning houses. They suggest using biological cheap washing powder, a capful of thick bleach in half a bucket of very hot water. Not only is this good for kitchen cleaning, but also bathrooms and laminate floors throughout the home.

If you are cleaning floor tiles, try and get the water as hot as possible and mop over. Do the same to lino. If the solution is steaming, it not only aids in sterilizing floors but drys quicker.

The solution can be used to clean kitchen and bathroom work surfaces and is great for wall tiles. What a great way to clean when you are out of your usual floor, kitchen or bathroom cleaner!

Cleaning Pans

What do you cleaning maids do with those terrible, caked-on saucepans, woks, and non-stick fryers? Kitchen cleaning pans can’t come easier than these tips.

cleaning panTake some simple washing up liquid and drop a spot of it onto the offending pan. Then with half a potato rub away rust making the pan sparkling and useable. No need to purchase a new pan now, eh?!

Talking of rust, or rather rust prevention, it is always good practice to dab some vegetable oil onto a kitchen towel and smear wok’s with it. Why? Well, the cleaning maids advise me that the thin layer of oil prevents the air from reacting with the metal which creates the rust!

Now, forget about rust, let’s look at burned on substances. Here is a quick and easy tip to get rid of that lingering substance. Take said pan and add a little cola. Cola? Yes, that is what I said good old coke cola! Warm the pan for a minute or so and watch the substance slip away. Any residual can easily come away if you repeat the process and gently rub with a dish brush. Another pan – good to use!

Mirrors, Glass and Shiny Surfaces

cleaning toolWhen kitchen cleaning, it is hard to get those shiny surfaces spotless and dazzling. Cleaning maids often use an old technique to help zing up surfaces like mirrors and glass – making them smear free!

Take some white vinegar or lemon juice and apply it to the offending area with a cloth. Buff with a newspaper for sensational windows and shiny surfaces.

Sterilizing and Smelling Fresh

If you want a sanitizer that eradicates bacteria, use ten drops of oxy bleach to 500ml of cold water. This cleaning maid tip is great for the fridge and surfaces in the kitchen. And whilst we are on the subject of the fridge, have you tried using half a scooped lemon – just leaving it like a bowl – filled with salt? Well, whilst the lemon leaves your fridge smelling lemony fresh, the salt is keeping it moisture free. That tip was a good one, wasn’t it?!

Kitchen and Utility Tips

cleaning the kitchenNever soak your teddy bears. Why? You will find it hard to get them dry and the washing process can damage their contents. What you need to do is get a damp cloth, rub some soap on it and rub your cuddly with this soapy damp material. Buffing with a towel after this will get him dry and cozy. Maybe you could even spray a little water with a couple of drops of lavender oil. This will help him to help you sleep whilst you snuggle up to him at night.

Talking of water with lavender, the cleaning maids suggest that you can use this as an ironing spray. Just spray over the clothing item and iron – smells divine and is inexpensive!

Now kitchen cleaning is taken to a new dimension of frugal in this next tip! Short of a scourer pad? Just get the foil and scrunch it up. This can be used in the same way a conventional scourer is used. Remember, however, you must never use scouring items for your nonstick items!

Cleaning the Kitchen Floor

How is this for a bit of fun! How the floor was cleaned in days gone by!

cleaning kitchen floor‘Take Tanzy, mint, and balm; first, sweep the room, then strew the herbs on the floor, and with a long hard brush rub them well all over the boards, till you have scrubbed the floor clean. When the boards are quite dry, sweep off the greens, and with a dry bubbing brush dry-rub them well, and they will look like mahogany, of a fine brown, and never want any other washing, and give a sweet smell to the room.’

Kitchen Cleaning Routine

Cleaning maids are the professionals in the world of effective home cleansing. The kitchen is one of the major areas for consistent and labor-intensive areas of your home. Here is some advice to help you with effective and productive cleaning.

  • Electric stoves and drip pans can be placed in a strong solution of automatic dishwater detergent in the sink. Remember to do this when the burners are cool though!
  • Dried on food can form as stubborn spots in areas that are not obvious. Check floors, cabinets, and counters and spray them with an all-purpose cleaner and let them soak.
  • Lifting your stovetop can reveal a mind field of dirt. Clean this away with kitchen solution to take away the dirt you can’t ordinarily see whilst you polish the stovetop, knobs, and splashbacks with a good cleaner. Perhaps buff with a kitchen towel or newspaper!
  • Keep your kitchen cleaning organized. Move from left or right around the room. Keep your cleaning materials in a handy box so as it is easily accessible.
  • Remember to wipe your doors on the inside as well as the outside.
  • Clean your surface areas as you go and remember to move items so as you can access the dirt that can not be seen. Keep a check on cabinets for those hidden fingerprints and clean them as you see them!
  • Window sills need cleaning too so don’t neglect them!
  • Hidden bacteria and foodstuffs can loom in rubbish bins, stagnating and breeding in the very area which needs to be clean. Remember this is an area where food is prepared! Use a toothbrush to get to those hard to reach areas.
  • Use your handy toothbrush around sink fixtures and fittings. Germs evade creases in these areas around handles and the base of the taps.
  • This one is simple… Empty your bins!
  • Mop, sweep or /and vacuum the floor.


Cleaning houses is an underestimated task. There is a lot of planning and organization when kitchen cleaning. I hope that this article has highlighted some helpful tips in making it easier. Thanks to many of the cleaning maids of the world that help to make our homes a brighter, cleaner area to live in. Those maids are people like you and me. We are slaves to housework, whether male or female, in sharing our tips, we hope to make the job that little bit easier!

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