Kitchen Countertop Choices Pros Cons

Whether assortment of kitchen countertop material is wood like butcherblock, laminate, stone such as granite, solid source, man made engineered stone or perhaps the other options take this into account. In the event you like' industrial', but aren't sold on concrete, stainless could be an option to aid you for kitchen countertops. This is completely ideal for contemporary houses with modern theme kitchens.

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Kitchen Countertop Choices Pros Cons

Granite kitchen countertops are your best option to ensure that the surface where you prepare your meals is protected from any bacteria or perhaps harmful germs. Granite is a favorite method for countertops at the moment, nonetheless, it's among the costlier materials that you'll find.


When you desire to make your kitchen appear awesome and fantastic, this's your best choice. In case you are on a tighter spending budget, then there are also some great alternatives to a marble and granite kitchen countertop. It's moisture-resistant and heat-resistant but, you have to care for it as it is not tough against stains.

Laminate Countertop Pros and Cons

This's most chosen by chefs whose kitchens always have high traffic and whose countertops may take a lot of pounding. Most kitchen renovators would choose kitchen countertop tiles due to its longevity. For this, it is normally recommended that you stay with a granite or maybe marble countertop if the budget permits of yours. Price wise, the cultured marble countertops are certainly the very best bang for your bucks.

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