Kitchen Pot and Pan Rack to Organize your Kitchen

It really is a nuisance to constantly have to search through or renest your pots and pans every time you need to retrieve something or put them away. Consider this, have you ever considered buying a kitchen pot rack? Kitchen pot racks are not only functional and save space, they can add a certain homey, charm to your kitchen. If you have beautiful pots and pans, a kitchen pot rack not only shows off their beauty but all your most frequently used pots and pans are right at hand.

Installing a Kitchen Pot Rack

When you purchase a kitchen pot rack, one of the factors you need to consider is the height of your ceiling. Most out of the box pot racks come with a design that fits 8′ or 9′ ceilings. If your kitchen ceiling is low, you might want to consider a wall-mounted pot and pan rack.

Some wall-mounted racks even come with a shelf or shelves to store extra items. On the other hand, if your ceilings are high, you may need extra chains. Just as some wall-mounted racks come with a shelf, some ceiling-mounted racks come with lighting to brighten up your kitchen.

Ideally, you should hang your pot and pan rack closest to the place you will use pots and pans. However, in addition to where the most efficient use of it will be, you will also need to consider the distance between the ceiling joists if it is a hanging rack or the distance between the wall studs if it is a wall-mounted rack. Most ceiling joists are spaced at either 12″, 16″, or 24″ on center.

When using a hanging rack, the tallest cook’s head should clear the longest hanging pot or pan while the shortest cook should be able to easily reach the pots and pans. You will also want to make sure the rack does not obstruct the lighting in the kitchen.

Country Rooster Kitchen Rack

charming rooster kitchen rack

Buy a Pot and Pan Rack Here

When you can easily reach overhead for a pot or pan, why put up with bending and shuffling through the cupboards to find the right pot or pan? In addition to freeing more cupboard space and preventing your cookware from getting scratched, they are not only functional but they will show off the beauty of your pots and pats. Furthermore, whether you live in the country or city, mice can be a problem, especially during the winter. How many times have you pulled out a pot or pan only to find mice excrement in them?

Whether you want a wall-mounted one, a corner one, or a decorative wrought pot and pan rack, you can find what suits your needs and tastes at Amazon. Buy a pot and pan rack today and enjoy the charming beauty of gleaming pots and pans and the benefits of a well-organized, efficient kitchen at the same time.

Pot & Lid Rack

pot and pan rack

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