Tuscan Theme Kitchen Decor

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Whenever we think about kitchen design or remodeling, we always seem to allow a rather insular, almost myopic view to take over our fertile imagination. The term decorative disappears off our radar, compelling us to deal with more contemporary, functional issues like laying tiles, tile saw, adhesive, cleaner, and grout. Intractable issues that not only impact the architecture of our home but even the stolid pattern of our lives.

tuscan kitchen decor

Isn’t it time that you let out the interior designer lurking inside you and create a kitchen decor that redefines style? Ideas that border on the sublime and go beyond the insipid realms of installing sinks and countertops, furniture, and cabinetry. Don’t let the thoughts of how to lay a kitchen tile stymie your flights of fantasy.

Ever thought of getting inspired from across the Mediterranean, from France, Spain, and other countries that form an inseparable part of Southern Europe? Let’s not obfuscate matters too much, and stick to the one that indulges in a no holds barred celebration of bright colors, intricate textures, and awe-inspiring accents. Let’s hear it for Tuscan theme kitchen decorating.

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Tuscan Interior Decor: The Verve Is Unmistakable

One look at photos of Tuscan decorated homes in Italy, and the incredible beauty of this traditional style with a modern twist suffuses your face with a warm glow.

There are no binary perceptions as to what homes in the surreal Italian town of Tuscany bear allegiance to. Of course, it’s the imposing mountains dotting the countryside with loads of company from oak, cypress, and lush green olive trees, soaking up oodles of sunshine. Tuscan interior decor displays an insatiable zest for the wonderful things life has to offer.

Tuscan Inspired Kitchen Decor: An Effusive Mix

tuscan kitchen styleA sneak peeks at Tuscan themed kitchen pictures is enough to fill you with uncontained joy. Imagine what your quiescent life would be like when old world Tuscan decorating ideas make inroads into your kitchen?

Tuscan theme kitchen decorating combines the best of all materials- ceramic, mosaics, glass, terracotta, slate, travertine, wrought iron, and more. It gives you an enviable opportunity to shop for everything, from kitchen backsplash murals to Tuscan inspired decor accessories.

Creating a Tuscan theme kitchen is like painting a masterpiece- it assumes its magnificent form with every deft stroke.

Create Magic The Way Italians Do

So what does Tuscan decor consist of? Is it all about vibrant, pulsating paint colors for the decor or are Tuscan backsplashes with fabulous backsplash wall tiles enough to add spunk to your kitchen space?

The deluge of Tuscan decor and accents free catalogs glorify the importance of Tuscan tile backsplashes and the extremely cheerful Tuscan sunflower kitchen accents, but there’s a lot more that has catapulted Tuscan theme kitchen decorating to the rock star league.

Secret Ingredients For Delectable Tuscan Kitchen

A Riot of Colors

tuscan kitchen colorsThe bold unabashed use of eclectic colors ensures that there’s never a dull moment in your Tuscan kitchen. Painting the town red will seem really passé when throbbing shades of orange and yellow rule the roost in the kitchen.

Gold and burnt terracotta on the walls and floor never hit a false note. Tuscan kitchen accents in flaming red, gorgeous green, luminous blue, and sunshine yellow make all your purple-hued dreams seem rather pallid.


Intricately layered walls in exotic shades of yellow sponged to perfection are sure to evoke piquant reactions from even the most reticent of all your guests. The smoldering appeal of the old world charm is sure to get under your skin. Let your imagination run wild, and try out new techniques to create magic on the plain kitchen walls.


Laying stone or quarry tiles on the floor in enigmatic earthy shades is sure to place your antiquated interior design notions in serious jeopardy. Area rugs with the same spectacular style quotient are no less.


tuscan kitchen backsplashOften regarded as the heart and soul of a Tuscan kitchen, kitchen backsplashes make more than just a splash in eye-catching colors. Green, rust, gold, and cream are sure to drive away those Monday morning blues.

But just like in a French bistro Tuscan kitchen, tile murals play a pivotal role in bringing out the iconic essence of the space. These murals on tumbled stone tiles pay rich tributes to everything Tuscany- olives, pears, cheese, and other mouth-watering treats.

Kitchen Counters

Stone counters- granite, slate, travertine, and the like remind you of the well-placed and well-heeled quality of a Tuscan kitchen’s existence. Your open fealty to them will only get stronger once you see them in action in the kitchen.

Cabinet Doors

If you’re wondering about the reason behind your wife’s million-dollar smile, it’s because of the delicious dark tones of cabinets and cupboards. You can choose either red or green, but your envious neighbors will be left with no choice when it comes to displaying their appreciation, in grudging shades of green.


tuscan kitchen furnitureDining with the family continues to be an emblem of Italian tradition and culture. So investing in a big kitchen table assumes enormous significance. It may seem rather banal to you, but things can be turned around with the use of opulent table linen in luxurious hues.

The textures and designs on the table linen seem to have an exotic quotient. Chair cushions n sultry shades add to the drama and intrigue. Also, don’t forget the kitchen island, another mainstay of Tuscan theme kitchen decorating.


Urns, racks, dinnerware, and glass jars are often considered to be the perfect adjuncts to a delightful kitchen, but here, these wondrous accents are credited with altering the mood of the place completely. Show off your love tuscan kitchen accessoriesfor spices and pulses in glass jars. Copper and pewter vessels, pots, and pans on metal racks create quite an impression on eye-candy addicts. Metal urns and bowls, potted herbs, ceramic canisters, and wrought iron candle holders get the mercury rising in the kitchen with their hottie factor.

From Marco Polo and Michelangelo to Sophia Loren and Armani, the world cannot seem to get enough of Italian creations. Now Tuscan theme kitchen decorating has joined this high-octane list. But trust me; your obsession with this theme will last more than a lifetime.

Tuscan Kitchen decor: The Basics

Tuscan decor basically romanticizes the Italian countryside. The materials, colors, and decorative elements used in the decor are inspired by the Italian landscape or culture. Essentially it celebrates the food and the family. The decor is therefore warm and inviting.

The ABC’s of Tuscan Kitchen Decor


tuscan kitchen color schemeThe color scheme in any Tuscan decor is inspired by the colors found in the Italian countryside. The colors are earthy and have a natural feel to them. It is the warm colors that dominate.

Among the warm, it is the yellow colors that are used most extensively. All shades of yellow find a place in Tuscan decor. Gray also is used widely because it goes well with stone. Red is used as an accent and to give depth to the decor. Green is a must in Tuscan decor but in limited quantities. Deep blue or turquoise is used but sparingly.


tuscan kitchenMaterials like wood and stone are used mostly in raw form or handcrafted. Since Tuscan decor celebrates family the old look is much valued. Even new materials are given an aged look to make the kitchen or any other room look lived in and welcoming.

Wood is widely used in the typical Tuscan decor. You will find butcher’s block made of wood, a wooden central table, wooden chairs, cabinets, and even wooden floors. The furniture tends to be heavy and large but well made. For furnishing a combination of natural textiles and leather is used.

Windows and Floors

Since the Tuscan kitchen is all about warmth, you should keep the window treatment to the bare minimum. At most, a piece of light fabric is used as a curtain to have some privacy. In the Tuscan kitchen, it is far more important to have plenty of natural light. So it is with the floor whether it is made of wood, stone, or materials imitating wood or stone. Rugs are sparingly used.


Tuscan or Majolica pottery finds an assured place in a Tuscan kitchen. Wrought iron is another typical Tuscan material that is used in the form of accessories like candle stand, light fixtures, candle holders, table accessories and various artifacts. The Tuscan decor gets an authentic look by the use of soft as opposed to too bright lights. Potted green plants are also a common feature in Tuscan kitchens.

Displaying Kitchen Accessories

Accessories give the final touch to any decor. So it is with kitchens. Smaller kitchen items like appliances, gadgets, crockery, kitchenware, and sleek utensils when displayed properly make the kitchen look very attractive. Creating groups of an item having the same color or function can make the kitchen look artistically better. You will find here some useful suggestions for decorating with accessories.

Tips on Exhibiting Accessories

Arrange the kitchen items in groups that have the same color or serve the same function. For example spoons or bakery items. You can display the bakery items on a special shelf. If the spoons are slotted they can be hung. If you don’t slot the spoons then display them on a tray. Get a hanging rack on which you can display all your pots and pans.

tuscan kitchen dinnerwareYour best Tuscan dinnerware or crockery must not be stored away on some closed shelf. Display them on shelves or on cupboards with no doors. Well designed and attractive looking canisters and cookie jars placed on shelves can transform the looks of your kitchen. Display jars filled with food items like pickles and pasta.

Wherever there are too many bare spaces fill them up with accessories. For instance, the bare nooks and corners can be filled up by baskets on a small table or light fixtures on the wall. A cookware stand might be just the right thing for a nook. The wall itself can be decorated with paintings, plaques, plates, shelves for cookbooks, and wine racks. Fill the wine racks with empty wine bottles of all colors. The effect can be amazing.

Use magnetic strips on your refrigerator and cabinets to store gleaming knives and forks. They look particularly attractive if the magnetic strips are stuck under the cabinets. You can create extra storage space by having wire racks fitted to cabinets. You can use them to hold scoops and glassware.

Decorate the window sills with potted plants. Have a light curtain as an accent on the doors and windows. Consider having a marble-topped wrought iron table in the kitchen as a cart. When not in use you can keep flowers vase or flower pots on it.

Designing a Functional Kitchen

The kitchen design is not only about making the kitchen attractive. It is much more about making the kitchen efficient. An efficient kitchen is a well-functioning kitchen. It is critical to have a kitchen that allows the people working there to give their best. A properly functioning kitchen makes it a good place for people to work. At the heart of a functional kitchen lies the layout of the kitchen. The layout must be such that it makes the job of the cook easier by allowing unhindered access to all parts of the kitchen.

Functional Design Tips For Your Kitchen

To make a kitchen functional you will have to pay attention to three important areas of the kitchen. These are the cooking area, the sink, and the refrigerator. Your kitchen will be as functional as the location of these areas allows them to be.

tuscan kitchen designNo kitchen will function well that has the stove and the sink on opposite sides. Crossing over takes time. And at the same time, crossing the kitchen floor may involve some risks. You or the cook could easily spill cooking matter on the floor and create a mess and extra work. Therefore ensure that the sink is on the same side as the stove and close to it.

Follow the same principles to locate the refrigerator. It should not be too far from either the stove or the sink. You or any cook wouldn’t like to scamper 10 or 15 feet every now and then to get things from the refrigerator. As it is the cook stands most of the time. Why add to her troubles.

Kitchen items kept in the right places also make the kitchen more functional. Make a study of those items that you are going to use almost every day or more often. You should store them in cabinets, drawers, or shelves near at hand. You shouldn’t store them deep inside a cabinet or on some distant shelf or drawer. Such places should be used to store articles that you use less often. You should deeply think about where to keep your often-used appliances and gadgets. They should not disturb the movement of traffic in the kitchen.

Designing a well functioning kitchen is not difficult. Take help from professionals whenever you want.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

The kitchen is the busiest section and, as it were, the heart and soul of any home. The people who work or eat there must be provided with an atmosphere that keeps them happy and comfortable. The best way to generate such an ambiance is to have a well-decorated kitchen. In the decoration of a kitchen, the wall should play an important part in kitchen decor. Unfortunately, many people give the wall a go by. The few lines here will give you ideas to decorate the kitchen walls and make the kitchen a happy place to live in.

Exhibit Your Pots and Pans

hanging pots and pansOne of the best ways to make your cook or chef happy is to let him have plenty of new shimmering pots and pans to cook in. Or let him have the latest gadgets that make cooking easier. But more often than not we tend to abandon the new and shining pots in a cupboard. And the cooking reverts to using the old pots and pans.

Instead of storing the new kitchenware in cupboards, hang the pots and pans from a pan rack and let your guests see them. By doing so you also add to the beauty of your kitchen. About the new-fangled gadgets, well you can hang them on painted pegs and let people talk about them.

Do It The Country Kitchen Way

You can also do up your walls the country kitchen way. A country kitchen is about nature where animals figure prominently. Buy some accessories like towels, oven mitts, or even pots and pans that have sketches of farm animals like cows, chickens, geese, or even a dog on them. You can display all of these on the walls. Paint a rooster on the walls. The painting of the sun could also be an equally good substitute. Get kitchen canisters or cookies with animal motifs. Display them on a brightly colored new shelf.

Have Some Designs on The Walls

Buy some stencils and use them to paint interesting designs on the walls. They need not be in any particular order. Use bright and vibrant colors to liven up the mood in a kitchen. What you must avoid is overdoing the decoration.

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